Begins with an artistic rendering....goes to blueprints...then your dream is realized!

Our mission is to build and renovate to the highest standard. We don’t just meet the Ontario Building Code, we surpass. What sets us apart from other builders lies in our team of reliable trades, licensed construction contractors equipped with the right experience and knowledge to handle your unique project.

From the foundation and how it’s waterproofed to the roofing material, ALL stages of home construction must be properly executed.

Blue Heron is proud to develop environmentally friendly, functional and economically sound custom homes, without sacrificing elegance and quality.

Our aim is simply to build you a home that you will love and will pass the test of time. Your home isn’t just house, but a place of peace, security and comfort for years to come.

Blue Heron will exceed your expectations and deliver your dream home on budget and on time. Cost overruns and delays are unacceptable. Whether building a custom home, an addition or renovating, we insure your project runs smoothly. We are the ultimate builder you can trust!

Blue Heron specializes in the development of custom estate properties throughout the most affluent surrounding areas of Toronto.



Peter Weninger



At the young age of ten l began to visit construction sites with my father who immigrated from Germany and brought his skills as a builder. I learnt many things from my father, most importantly to take pride in your work and never cut corners.

Eventually l took over my father’s business in 1998 and l specialized with infill projects, laneway coach houses and church conversions. My passion for building has only grown over the years and it has always been my goal to build high end custom homes.