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We’ll build you the dream home that you deserve that will pass the test of time

Custom Home Builders

Specializing in the development of custom estates in Toronto & surrounding area

Custom Homes Development

Environmentally friendly, functional and economically sound custom homes

Custom Estate Properties

Developing custom estate properties on time and on budget

Custom Homes Built with Integrity

Our mission is to build and renovate to the highest standard. We don’t just meet the Ontario Building Code, we surpass. What sets us apart from other builders lies in our team of reliable trades, licensed construction contractors equipped with the right experience and knowledge to handle your unique project.

From the foundation and how it’s waterproofed to the roofing material, ALL stages of home construction must be properly executed.

Blue Heron is proud to develop environmentally friendly, functional and economically sound custom homes, without sacrificing elegance and quality.

Our aim is simply to build you a home that you will love and will pass the test of time. Your home isn’t just house, but a place of peace, security and comfort for years to come.

Blue Heron will exceed your expectations and deliver your dream home on budget and on time. Cost overruns and delays are unacceptable. Whether building a custom home, an addition or renovating, we insure your project runs smoothly. We are the ultimate builder you can trust!

Blue Heron specializes in the development of custom estate properties throughout the most affluent surrounding areas of Toronto.


Fred Code


“I have worked with Peter for over twenty years. His knowledge and execution of building projects have always met my expectations. A pleasure to work with.”

Burt Dorrego

Nortex Heating and Cooling

“I have always been impressed with Mr. Weninger’s professionalism. The heating and cooling of any project is important. Mr. Weninger understood this and worked closely with me, always adhering to building code.”

Clive Grandfield

Designers Collaborative, Architect

“I have worked with many high end custom home builders. Mr. Weninger has consistently surpassed even my vision of the finished home. His attention to detail and fine finishings is remarkable.”

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