The Blue Heron Custom Homes Process

Step 1: Initial Phone Call

  • Gather customer information
  • Discuss project scope in preliminary detail
  • Answer initial customer questions
  • Determine if it is a fit to set up an initial consultation

Step 2: Introductory Meeting

  • Discuss the client’s wish list and Inspirational images in further detail
  • Detail features about the project: le. 10 Ft ceilings, Glass railings, stone cladding, open concept, etc.
  • Gather information about the existing house conditions, lot size, access, etc.
  • Initial budget and timelines discussion
  • Review RS homes portfolio

Step 3: Site Visit Meeting

  • Renovation: Site walkthrough to review scope of work in more detail, confirm measurements, structural elements, and any issues.
  • Take photographs
  • Discuss key project timelines
  • New Build: Client’s can visit some of RS Homes’ projects that are currently under construction to get a sense of quality and discuss ideas

Step 4: Sign Agreement

  • Client’s will review and finalize the RS Homes contract which will outline the entire scope of work and would include subsequent schedules of: Scope of Work, Finish Allowances, Extra’s, Payment schedule, Warranty, etc.

Step 5: Initial Design Consultation

  • Client’s will meet with our Architect to discuss initial parameters about the project.
  • Architect will review the client’s survey, site documentation, and inspirational images to get a better understanding of the client’s style and the types of features they want to achieve.
  • Rough-sketches of layouts and elevations to get a solid grasp of the project
  • Initial zoning by-law review will be completed and permitting timelines discussed

Step 6: Design Development Meeting

  • Design meeting to finalize the design including all plans, elevations, and site plan.
  • Preparation of 3D computer generated rendering
  • Further client meeting and correspondence

Step 7: Construction Plans And Budget Meeting

  • Meeting to include client’s and senior Project manager to discuss the updated budget based on the Architectural plans as to date
  • If needed, revisions to the drawings to be discussed to adhere to the original budget
  • Ideas and suggestions to the structural, mechanical, and architectural drawing package in order to remain on-budget
  • Review of overall costs and finish selections
  • Review of any construction related issues that may affect timelines, ie. Access, shoring, de¬≠watering etc.
  • Following drawing package approval and final budget sign-off, Building permits will be submitted

Step 8: Start of Construction

  • Initial site meeting with client’s and site super/project manager to get organized on timelines and any further site issues
  • Site set-up of: Initial materials, safety equipment, Disposal, Hoarding, fencing etc
  • Discuss overall construction schedule and key milestones

Step 9: During Construction

  • Constant communication through Builder Trend project management software where clients can view progress pictures and descriptions
  • Office and site meetings to discuss key milestone completions and overall schedule
  • Site visits from Architect, Engineer, and building inspectors to confirm structural elements

Step 10: Post Construction Service

  • Final cleaning and presentation
  • Final client package turnover complete with all drawings, documents, payment receipts, and sign-offs.
  • Final review of warranty and inclusions
  • Continuous service work and communication during the entire warranty period
  • Annual site visit to make sure all mechanical systems are working correctly.